Parted legs.

My fingers circle around your ankles.

Each hand flattens on the top of each foot while the coconut oil soaks through the skin.

With a few more drops, my palms sandwich each calf at a time…

caressing the skin…

covering them in a sheen.

Then up and down strokes relax you.

And you part some more.

Yet a few more drops and I work my way up one thigh…

on the outside….

then the inside.

Your fingers dig into the sheets.

In balance, my hands find themselves on the other thigh…

on the outside…

then the inside.

More drops on my palm,

I warm the oil,

and spread it gently over your pubic bone.

You gasp.

A caress so deep,

triggering a hunger so wide.

Fingers dance on the outer lips.

Your hips move.

An index feels your wetness.

You want more.

Another index joins in.


Your moans are.

Juices flowing,

faster moaning,

you loose yourself.

Legs still parted.


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