She is killing me

She slips in with words

like cunt

and clit

knowing how wet I get

knowing how hot I already feel

knowing how long it’s been

She switches to food

like it is something different

talks about sizzling spices in her pan


my tongue wants to taste it

not the food

We talk about family

our partners

sobering a hot dialogue that isn’t spoken

pictures of loved ones remind us of our ties

but I can’t stop the wetness


the wafting scent of lust

I dare not touch myself

as pictures download

I breathe instead

Damn! She sends one of her


Damn, those legs.

I could part those legs.

Dine between them.





I need to say goodbye.

but my fingers cling to the phone

the closest thing to a

hair-grabbing-nipple-sucking-finger-fucking session I’ll get


She has a wife

a good woman

I need to step back

think of someone else

be with someone else

not lust

not wonder

Tease. I don’t fucking care though. Damn!


6 thoughts on “TEASE #1:

  1. Reblogged this on Perso in Poesia 2015 and commented:
    rosiebiwords.wordpress.com came upon my blog and I’ll do what I usually do, creep the page. Holy Crap, What a Page.
    using the word Hot just isn’t Hot enough
    Lava Hot maybe comes close.
    Satans ass would melt haha
    Regardless, this newbie blog deserves some action and bloggers love.
    Take a peek, am sure it will peak whats deep inside “Winks”

    love to all

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