I want you now

my fingers pull at you

I want you close

to kiss you hard

I want your neck

and I bite

I want your nipples

between my fingers

I want your pussy

wet in my palm

I want to step back

as I catch my breathe

I want all of you

Your lace bra slips off

I want you

and you step forward

Another kiss and

I want to taste you

on the bed, no

I want to fuck

your legs on my shoulders

I want to caress you cunt

Fingers deep inside

I want to hold on

as you ride me

I want your moans

to fill my ears

I want to grab

your hips as you buck

I want to slow

it down, start up again

I want you now


12 thoughts on “I WANT #6

      1. Oh baby! Thanks so much. You are working me up a treat. I’ m errr, wating with baited breath. You have me on your radar and my button is bleeping; beeep-beep. Oof love, sex is a flower opening-up, and for this sex here you are the sun. Emotionally too;)

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