We’re going clubbing
been ages
gone through outfits
perfectly dressed
little black skirt
legs for days
cleavage that
“damn, girl..”
you say
sauntering in tight black jeans
shimmering grey tank top
that I
know I
can get off in
grabbing my purse,
“lets go!”
she holds my hand
sits on the bed
“no, girl…we are late!”
her hands move up my legs
she pulls me forward
fingers tugging at my panties
I catch my breath
they are at my knees
her lips lock on mine
I fall forward
she’s still on me
I’m on her face
riding her tongue
“babe… please.”
she holds me there
“ahhhhhhh fuck!”
she smiles
I’m panting
mind blank
as she says,
“now let’s go dancing!”

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13 thoughts on “DESTINATION DESIRE #2:

      1. after 2 tours of duty in jungle and 1 in desert, my dear, worry not, if my heart beat gets too high, I take off my glasses and utilize my Braille skills, takes a little longer to reach brain and heart that way.
        Old, not dead, not by a long shot))));<))~~~~~~

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m a tough old Rooster, indeed. Sort of like Foghorn Leghorn from OLD cartoons. ❤ I worry more about dry Bibs than meds))))) With 3 1/2 Adults (3 women, I'm the 1/2) 7 Kiddies (Twin Nieces, Nephew, 2 sets of Twin Grands) in house, laundry is more a concern than health so far. Thankfully Sis is an MD, too. Twin Sons are off in military specialized school until at least Dec. That's how I get to spoil Kiddies, they outnumber the Adults here))))))))0

        Liked by 1 person

      3. TY, yes indeed, we are blessed to be a big Clan even when we aren’t all together. The last 4-5 years have made us closer than ever before, learned more important priorities than money or position. I wish more would learn that quicker in life. Family, whether it be blood or not, is important.

        Liked by 1 person

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