I WANT #17

Today is my birthday
forty two
a year older
a little wiser
and more
in my needs
and wants
Today, I want a kiss
I want it
hair grabbing
juice flowing
knee weakening
heart thumping
nipple hardening
that reminds me
that I’m a woman
makes me feel
maybe even
I want our eyes to lock,
your hands cupping
my face
our lips to brush
then part as I
take you in
lips wet
hands moving to the
base of my neck
a tug at my hair
that has me look
up at you
your eyes filled
with lust
I catch
my breath
and then
you start once more
ooooh baby!
I want it slow
I want it to last
I want it to rock
my world
knock my breath
then I want
and why not?
Heck, today I’m 42!!

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11 thoughts on “I WANT #17

  1. Happy Birthday Ms Rosie.

    Age is shown by lines. Not how they hang but how they connect. Lines between hearts and souls. Whether it be lovers or just friends. Each connection has its own meaning and with age it grows. I hope all the lines that lead from you are those of strength filled with love.
    Enough mushy stuff. Hope you party hardy and all your hot steamy wishes come true.

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    1. First of all… you totally rock. Secondly, I love my age…no apologies. I am comfortable with the path that lead me here… And yes… my lines are filled with love. I am truly celebrating myself…and my words are truly who I am… thank you for acknowledging. PS: Danced till 330am to some old school…amazing night… gin & tonic flowing…πŸ’‹

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