I get nervous
when we are close
I get giddy
and I am careful
not to do anything to
change the mood
The feelings that
permeate between us
I wonder if it is in my head
the subtlety
the care we take
in staying where we are
I get talkative
words spilling
out of my mouth
I take a deep breathe
just to stop
the flow
lest I put my foot in it
then I get quiet
and you ask me to
keep talking
you like it when I talk
Like the stories keep
a buffer
between us
either one of us
from doing anything
to break
the spell
to ruin the innocence
that still lingers
mingling with the
desire that we both
push back
I get giddy
I get silly
I get the way
I do
I am
in love


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