Every time we disconnect
feels like the worst
Not afraid
to be a fool
wanting you more
I step forward
speak from my heart
win you back
when we reconnect
it is better
love heavy
light & bright
when we speak
when we touch
when we are
its magical

~These words are from my heart to yours. My thoughts spun to words. Be kind and respect them.~


12 thoughts on “MAGICAL #25

      1. Intensity definitely has its place baby and if your prose are a true indication of the workings of your mind, what a thrill it must be to spin in your orbit! Don’t ever change. That intenity is the thing that pulls the right people in. We are who we are. Curious tho. What sign are you Rosie? I’m into astrology which is why ask such a cheesy question lol. You’ve mentioned Leo a few times – are you one or do you crave one? Love your mind on paper πŸ˜‰

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      2. aaah! i will have to look into you πŸ˜‰ don’t know a lot about Aries. do know a little about Leo’s tho. wildly romantic and very sexual/sensual…sigh. i get the crave

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