My dearest self
four decades in
and you still doubt your beauty
your self love grows
now a blossoming flower
your arms, like petals
open up to self
and yet there is still
a tinge of something…
that ache
that tiny winy sliver of
that lingers
that peeps from behind the curtains
when someone declares you beautiful
a shock
wondering if they mean you
– me –
A beauty that is elusive
to your minds eye
due to a careless tongue
that identified you as smart
not pretty
A sting that stays on
tainting the compliments of
men and women alike
The show of admiration
cautiously accepted
Years have taught you
the error in taking a toll
As the self love blooms
may the doubt wither in its wake
may you see your light
in the beauty
that reflects in the mirror
May you recognize it
as the world does
And may this understanding
be another shade of love
that shines through


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