We are back at the bottom
just when I thought
there was light
at the end of the tunnel
A diagnosis of
18 years before
is now topped
that can come
at any time
a life sentence of drowsiness
It just
seems cruel.

~These words are from my heart to yours. My thoughts spun to words. Be kind and respect them.~


9 thoughts on “BEST FRIEND #49

  1. BP definitely does suck unless one can keep it under control. Sadly with today’s “pharmaceuticals acting like lobbyists” have Dr’s pushing pills instead of researching alternative methods of control and treatments. I’ll keep prayers coming and fingers crossed for natural and healthier treatments.
    BP isn’t anything to underestimate or ignore at any age. I thought ADDHD was bad enough until a young lady friend of our children finally got correct diagnosis after so many years of hits and misses. There were some roller-coaster rides until just a few years ago. Now she’s married and has two kids, thankfully much better. She deserved to be happy after years of misery.


    1. glad to hear about the lady friend… hubby has normal BP. Docs don’t know whats up. EEG says something is wrong. So… for precautions meds will be increased. Which means more “blah” days. Difficult fir a really smart fellow

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      1. Sadly I’ve seen the effects of that stubborn beast up front and personally. 2nd Wife withdrew after our youngest Twins passed unexpectedly, she withdrew inside and never came out. We tried all we knew, apparently we didn’t know enough nor did her Drs. Just don’t give up, there’s always hope as long as they don’t give up or give in to hopelessness. It’s a greedy, stubborn and truly a beast.


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