8692178776_04fba7712f_hI am over 40.

An African. Actually, Kenyan. Living in Nairobi.

A Sensual Woman with a big heart and a healthy sexual appetite, I am polyamorous.

Expressive, I can be intense… Words pour out of me and I want to share them with like minded individuals wanting to feel the intense love or sexual desires we all hold within.

I can be your sun, where my words bathe over you as you seek comfort and a sense of belonging…ahhh…doesn’t that feel good? I can also be that dark corner booth where you want to feel dirty, sexy, and wet.

I took a year off from writing. Sometimes the heart needs a break. I am back, and changed. I will pick up where I left off… and if you desire to get in touch feel free to gchat or email at

So…. how about you get to what I have written already!


13 thoughts on “RosieBiWords

  1. Thank you for dropping by and following. I hope you’ll find some interest in my space. I just briefly toured your blog and I must say, it’s intense as much as invigorating and exciting. Your blog layout is smashing, black and red. Seductive!!!
    I’ll look forward to reading and melting on your pages.



  2. I just flew by your posts. Eye and mind orgasms lol
    I gather this is a new blog. Do you have another blog? Or is this it.
    Would you mind if I reblogged a few of your work. To get you out there.
    Very talented and you definitely can draw in the reader.
    I hope I am not being to forward. I was given the same courtesy when I started in January. Want to pay it forward.
    Love your words and style.

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    1. Hi there!

      Thank you for your compliments. I am so thrilled that you are enjoying the ride. By all means, DO share.

      I help others with there blogs for work and I have a blog for a personal GREEN project. All with my real identity. I like the anonymity of RosieBiWords, so I’d like to keep the two worlds separate.

      I will be visiting your site again real soon.
      Thanks again for visiting…and stay in touch.
      (I wanna know what exactly happens when you read my words.)

      Ciao for now!

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  3. Hello dear Rosie
    I’ve made my blog private and will be inviting only 50 friends or so and would love for you to be among them as I adore your blog and your talented and sensually moving talent. May I have your email address to send an invite? It would be my honor if you would.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend
    Antony xx

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  4. If for some reason you get an error for trying to find me,,,,,,,,,,,,, WP has gone stupid on a few of us who posted or reposted “pornographic images” now I set up new primary as email still the same. Censor police have no sense of humoure at alllllllllllllllllllllllllll… Some Troll apparently didn’t like one of millions I’ve reposted, and started trouble. Just a heads up, my dear Gorgeous and Sexy Friend………………….. I’ll find him or her and deal with them when they least expect it. Nothing like returning gifts I didn’t deserve………………………… Big hugs and wishes of love, happiness and much joy………………………………..georgie


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