HE SAYS/SHE SAYS Part 2 ~ An Erotic Duet

Here is the second part to our erotic duet, HE SAYS/SHE SAYS. Very yummy…. hot… and delicious!
Thank you, Ax…. you absolutely rock!

Antony Ros

She Says:
by Ax

Whoever cums first tumblr_m3j87iAyHi1ql1dvfo1_500
Gets the other off in 5 minutes
Then cooks breakfast…
Waste no time
Slide in like a rhyme
Kissing his lips
Straddling his hips
My breasts, press
Against his chest
My heart beating faster
Than a hummingbirds wings can flutter
Slow the pace down
Exactly, heading down
Licking his balls, stroking his cock
Bobbing my head rocks
Tonguing his sack while throating his head
Gagging turns him on when my face turns red
I want that breakfast so BAD
Here goes nothing with a finger in his ASS
I got a moan, sighed from his lips
Another finger takes a dip
He’s fucking, my mouth
He’s bucking, wild south
I have him now his balls are getting large
I’m showing him who’s in charge
The veins on his cock grow
Blood forcing a blow
Clenching his ass tight
He trembles to fight

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He Says by Rosiebiwords

Walking to the kitchen fc2b0e676cd00fded69d1a93495f003c
my legs ache from
all the fucking
God! She blows my mind
Wanting to be
back in her pussy
I cook
her favorite
eggs cracked
and poaching
coffee brewing
smoked salmon
two split
english muffins
I feel fingers on my
boxers waistband
then hands on my ass
lips on my back
tongue trailing down
my crack
the black kiss
I groan
I turn, dick hard
she takes control
seed spilled
Like an animal
I want to taste her!
I swoop her
in my arms
legs wrapped around
my waist
my cock stiffens
sucked and kissed
I walk two paces
to an island
hunger for food
by lust for pussy
legs spread
she moans
as I kiss from her neck
to her breasts
to her thighs
to her pussy
her fingers locked
in my hair
she guides my tongue
I devour her
pressing a finger
in her ass
she cums hard

She Says by Ax

Watching him move side to side
Chopping and slicing
Adding this and that to tasteerotic-blowjob
His lean muscular frame dancing
No time to waste
Breakfast in bed I wait
His promise made after last nights parade
My hunger is too great sitting alone between sheets
That fine ass cooking me breakfast, is my fine ass
Sneak up behind to tug his shorts down
A dimple on each cheek draws a naughty smile with mine
I slide my hand from below to cup his balls
His shaft, instantly grows
I kneel on the kitchen floor
Reaching around kissing the backs of his thighs
Slowly jerking his cock to rise
He turns
My tongue snakes out from my mouth
As it slithers from the base of his cock
To the tip of his mushroom head
Still holding a spatula, I giggle
As I gobble down his nozzle
Hands behind my back the action is all head
He grips my hair tight in his fist
His hips push and twist
Fucking my mouth
To the sound of a skillet sizzling
Licking and sucking
Slurping and mouth popping
Gagging as he goes in deep throating
My pussy dripping and waiting her turn
But not until my man streams
Giving me his cream