I think of you.

When I wake I wonder what it would be like to be at your side as the sun rises.

I think of you.

As the day takes over,

I glimpse at my messages wondering if you thought of me.

I think of you.

While sipping on my 3rd cup of coffee,

knowing you’d prefer freshly ground.

I think of you all the time,


I’m wet!”



I’m latched on…

onto your smile and loving gaze.

I’m latched onto your quirky humour and your rich laugh.

I’m latched onto your touch and your feel.

I’m latched onto your teasing tongue and your lips…

I’m latched on, babe…

don’t let go!


Thoughts of you run across my mind every day.

Minute to minute. Moment to moment.

I sigh in anticipation of our next visit.

Thinking about the “hi” to the “goodbye” and all the yumminess in between.

I wonder if you think about me.

I wonder if you worry if I still adore you, want you and love you.

Cause you know I do…I can’t stop thinking about you.


“I love you” just doesn’t cut it.

I’m expressive, but want to make sure you hear me.

I wonder if you see it in my fried chicken or in how much I love to talk to you.

Do you feel it when we kiss or in how I take you in when we meet.

I want you to taste it in my colorful salads or sense it from across the table.

Yeah, saying “I  love you” just doesn’t cut it.