HE SAYS/SHE SAYS Part 2 ~ An Erotic Duet

Here is the second part to our erotic duet, HE SAYS/SHE SAYS. Very yummy…. hot… and delicious!
Thank you, Ax…. you absolutely rock!

Antony Ros

She Says:
by Ax

Whoever cums first tumblr_m3j87iAyHi1ql1dvfo1_500
Gets the other off in 5 minutes
Then cooks breakfast…
Waste no time
Slide in like a rhyme
Kissing his lips
Straddling his hips
My breasts, press
Against his chest
My heart beating faster
Than a hummingbirds wings can flutter
Slow the pace down
Exactly, heading down
Licking his balls, stroking his cock
Bobbing my head rocks
Tonguing his sack while throating his head
Gagging turns him on when my face turns red
I want that breakfast so BAD
Here goes nothing with a finger in his ASS
I got a moan, sighed from his lips
Another finger takes a dip
He’s fucking, my mouth
He’s bucking, wild south
I have him now his balls are getting large
I’m showing him who’s in charge
The veins on his cock grow
Blood forcing a blow
Clenching his ass tight
He trembles to fight

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I’m Not into Girls… But I want To…

Love this…

Chaotically Beautiful

It was experimenting

Mixing chemicals

And watching them react

Admiring soft skin

And round curves

No I’m not into women…


I was experimenting

Poetry became our catalyst

As we listened

And we touched

And we gazed

Lyrically awoken,

She motivated me

And I became

Caught up with her.

But It wasn’t suppose to get sexual,

I swore it would’ve been platonic

It had to be

After all we were girls

And that was an abomination.

But my lips craved hers

And I got excited every time

She wore her pink lips gloss,

Imagination running wild

Pulses getting carried away…

I was experimenting

She was too

Who know

In experimenting

We would both find our truths

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This Is Love

My morning reading (+3GMT) … how deliciously wet

Dirty Cersei

I want kissing. Long passionate kisses filled with tongue and teeth. I want to feel the roughness of your hands contrasting with the softness of my skin. I want feeling. I want you to be present. I want you touching me the entire time. I want teasing. I want licking. I want neck biting and groping. I want you to tear my clothes off hungrily. I want it to be primal. I want you to take control. I want your mouth on every single part of my body. I want you to kiss my pelvic bone. I want you to lick it. I want you to act like you’re going to go down on me but I don’t want you to. I want to feel your finger in me. *Fingers in me. I want you to feel my wetness. I want you to fucking taste it. I want you hard…

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