I crave the sweetness of your inner core.

To part the lips and dip my tongue in your glorious flower.

Sucking and licking my way to your clipped and heavy breathes…

and moans…

till your body rattles….

and your sweetness pours through.



I dare not:

I dare not touch myself as images of you race through my mind.

I dare not relieve the tension that builds as I imagine our bodies writhe in ecstasy.

I dare not trivialize our connection…I shall experience you in person instead.


Fuck me:

I’m wet and you can tell.

You know I won’t rush you.

Loving every moment,

I suck on your nipples.

I feel your fingers dig in my shoulders.

I can smell your excitement.

Fuck me.

I kiss your naval.

Working my way down.

I am so horny.

Fuck me.

I’ve started to lick your lips, wanting to suck your clit,

but stick my tougue inside of you.

Oh fuck me.

Your juices are flowing and you are riding my fingers.

Fuck me.

You want me to go deeper, faster.

I can feel you tighten.

Fuck me.

You’ve cum…

I lick my fingers, you kiss me hard.

Damn, it’s my turn.

“Fuck me!”


Days gone by since we last kissed.

The memory of you still lingers.

The feel of your neck where the mane of your dark black locks fall to the caramel brown rounded right shoulder where I last sunk my teeth.

To cup your breasts again, to feel those dark hard nipples between my fingers again.

My tongue wants to lick a trail from your cleavage to your honey pot.

To taste the salty lips and suck on your flower.

To wake the giant within and cause a rumble once more.

To be wet beside you.

Days gone by since I last licked you dry.