Yumminess #5

We spend hours
Being present
noticing the
slightest gesture
and in these moments
embrace the yummy
that has me
grappling for more
waiting you out
till every drop
is served
on a platter
where I can
slowly indulge
like I would
a great wine

Lovin’ It #5

Long night of dark
thoughts of you
I wait
watching the time
I spread my legs
with stalkings
marking the chaos
of hours before
I spread
feeling the wetness
of my arousal
your presence
I spread
foot steps pause
and shuffle
hearing the key
in the door
I spread
Bags down, keys drop
coat discarded
A dark smile forms
as you kneel
I spread
our eyes lock
lips licked
hands on legs
You spread
Lovin’ It

Lovin’ It #4

“Don’t stop”
your slight touch
has me breathing hard
your fingers over
my sex
wet and pulsing
“Don’t stop”
your thumb is
working me good
every flick
has me wanting
“Don’t stop”
those two fingers
stroking my g
getting me
“Don’t stop”
dripping on sheets
my moans fill
the room
and you have me on
the edge
Lovin’ it

*image not rosibiwords