Yumminess #9

Fingers of my sweetness
trail oil down
my spine…
my back arches
as digits caress
my roundness and
my curves
Slicked hands
firm on brown skin,
slipping through cracks
and dips…
strumming the hardness
of nipples,
of my clit &
strong limbs give in
to the sensual seduction
of a sweet lover
digging deep


Yumminess #8

My Sugar got me sweet
on him
as I taste him on me
Slurps me up
like ma girl
Not delicate, you see
slammed up against the wall
fingers stroking
cock poking
my skin coated
in chocolate
he eats me slowly
addicted to his tongue
I sway to Marvin Gaye
mounting him repeatedly
he fucks me addictively
Blackk wants his freak
& sexually enticing
Not sure its me,
each other’s desires
my shortness to
his tallness
we meet in the middle
and seductively
My Sugar got me sweet

Les Love #3

she grinds on me…
my skin feels her,
needs her
as much as
she needs me…
Her lips part,
they glide
and her bean,
senses my lust
for her,
my desire to
rock and push back,
my wanting to giver her
what she needs…
eyes closed,
feeling everything,
sensing her every move,
I feel her
death sweep
over her
in a shudder
so beautiful…