Yumminess #7

Not wanting you
to disconnect
to have your
softer version
of your cock
deep within
threatening to pop out
I have my walls
and pulse
I have my hand
and massage
I have my words
and excite
with desire in the air
you rise within
you harden inside
and soon we stroke
hands gripping hips
skin slapping
moans fill the room



What a treat
going to a show
you surprise me
never been in a stretch limo
leather seats stick
to my thighs
I fidget like a school girl
I attempt to straighten my dress
you tap my hand
your finger on your lips
“shhh!”, you say
opposite me,
skirt hiked
I can see your
I say nervously
you pull me forward
I look at the glass partition
can the driver see?
but now you yank me
to you and soon
I’m on you
we kiss
you direct my
hand to your
my fingers work
your clit
your moans get louder
eyes locked
you ride my fingers
and then you
“ohhhh yes….ohhhh”
as I lick you
tremble like a leaf
as the limo comes to a


Hot and bothered

Miles away in my space

I want to touch you
nibbling at your neck
sinking my teeth into your shoulder
Cupping your breasts
Sucking onto your nipples
Trailing my tongue down your stomach
To your pubic bone
To your mound
Holding past your hips
Reaching to your cheeks
I nuzzle through your lips
You grab my locks
Pulling me back
Our eyes lock
I mouth:

And you then shove my face
inside your folds
My tongue darts forward…
Your moan escapes
You buck forward
I push you to the bed
Legs open
My fingers dip in
Tongue hungry at your clit
Flat and hard
You ride it
I stroke it
You cum
I’m still miles away


Parted legs.

My fingers circle around your ankles.

Each hand flattens on the top of each foot while the coconut oil soaks through the skin.

With a few more drops, my palms sandwich each calf at a time…

caressing the skin…

covering them in a sheen.

Then up and down strokes relax you.

And you part some more.

Yet a few more drops and I work my way up one thigh…

on the outside….

then the inside.

Your fingers dig into the sheets.

In balance, my hands find themselves on the other thigh…

on the outside…

then the inside.

More drops on my palm,

I warm the oil,

and spread it gently over your pubic bone.

You gasp.

A caress so deep,

triggering a hunger so wide.

Fingers dance on the outer lips.

Your hips move.

An index feels your wetness.

You want more.

Another index joins in.


Your moans are.

Juices flowing,

faster moaning,

you loose yourself.

Legs still parted.


To love a woman is to delicately ignite the inner wanting

…the desires…

the sensuality…

through touch.

To love a woman is to be present to every breath…

every moan…

every twitch and arch of her back.

To love a woman is to unfold her from the outside in…

to peel away the shyness and inhibitions only to reveal the true self behind her lips…

where she is fiery and free.

To love a woman is to pierce her inner core with digits that induce an unforgettable rapture.