Open #3

to my own
I feel my skin
I feel my nipples
I feel my lips
in anticipation
of your

In my mind’s
we tumble
we roll
we grind
like a wave
one orgasm
the next



I want you now

my fingers pull at you

I want you close

to kiss you hard

I want your neck

and I bite

I want your nipples

between my fingers

I want your pussy

wet in my palm

I want to step back

as I catch my breathe

I want all of you

Your lace bra slips off

I want you

and you step forward

Another kiss and

I want to taste you

on the bed, no

I want to fuck

your legs on my shoulders

I want to caress you cunt

Fingers deep inside

I want to hold on

as you ride me

I want your moans

to fill my ears

I want to grab

your hips as you buck

I want to slow

it down, start up again

I want you now


Days gone by since we last kissed.

The memory of you still lingers.

The feel of your neck where the mane of your dark black locks fall to the caramel brown rounded right shoulder where I last sunk my teeth.

To cup your breasts again, to feel those dark hard nipples between my fingers again.

My tongue wants to lick a trail from your cleavage to your honey pot.

To taste the salty lips and suck on your flower.

To wake the giant within and cause a rumble once more.

To be wet beside you.

Days gone by since I last licked you dry.